Bowing and Buckling Walls

Bowing and Buckling WallsBowing and Buckling Walls are never an overnight occurrence. This problem develops over a period of time and isn’t one that should be ignored. In most instances, bowing walls occur due to hydrostatic pressure; this takes place when there is water pressure pressing from outside, into the walls of the basement. This adds much more weight to the walls, than they are designed to bear and they buckle. At times, walls bow & fail when frost or clays expand the soil, resulting in pressure on the walls.

If you have noticed Bowing and Buckling Walls in your basement, call All Aspects Waterproofing without delay. In cases where this problem has become too severe, replacing the foundation becomes the only permanent solution. However, this can quickly turn into a very invasive, time-consuming and expensive project and we won’t suggest it unless it is the only option.

How we do it

When you call us to check the buckling wall issue, our experts will come over to your premises and carefully inspect the walls and ceiling of the basement. You will be provided with a detailed overview of the condition of the walls and which procedures will be used to fix the Bowing and Buckling Walls. The work process we use is as follows: 

  • Steel I Beams will be installed to reinforce a failing basement structure
  • Tough strips of carbon fiber fabric will be installed on the foundation walls- this helps reinforce the weakened areas
  • Epoxy glue is used to fix the carbon fiber
  • Underpinning or helical anchoring will be used to address a Bowing and Buckling Walls issue
  • While this work is being tackled, if there are any cracks in the walls, those will be filled with epoxy and stapled or pinned too

When fixing Bowing and Buckling Walls, there isn’t one single solution that will be used. In most instances, a mix-and-match of various structural repair techniques are incorporated into the project to enhance the structural integrity of the walls and the structure that sits above it.

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