Battery Back-up Systems

While it’s great to welcome springtime and see the trees blooming and the bright and shiny skies, it’s a season that brings with it swollen rivers caused by rapid snowmelt as well as very frequent rainstorms; all these contribute to the flooding of basements & crawlspaces. All it takes is a few inches of collected water to render mechanical systems useless, ruin your household belongings, rot timber posts and rust metal fixtures.

If you have regularly had to deal with even a bit of water penetration in the crawlspace/basement in your home, it’s time to get a sump pump fitted. However, having a sump pump isn’t enough as they just can’t operate if there is blackout. When there is a rainstorm, more often than not, it also knocks-out the electricity, which renders the sump pump useless, especially when you need them the most.

About Battery Back-up Systems

The simple solution is to get Battery Back-up Systems installed in the crawlspaces or basements. We at All Aspects Waterproofing can help with installing the kind of battery back-up you require. This is essentially a 2-stage system; it has an electric sump pump that also has backup that is a deep-cycle marine battery.

Under normal circumstances, your standard sump pump does what it’s designed to do; however, in case of a blackout, Battery Back-up Systems will automatically start up in case there is any accumulation of water in the pit. These units are attached to an electric charger that keeps them fully charged so that they are ready for use at any time.

The best services

The prices of these systems vary based on their capacity. When you call us with your requirement, one of our experts will come over to your location, survey the space where the pump will be installed, understand what your requirement is and provide detailed information about the Battery Back-up Systems that would be best-suited to your needs. We provide end-to-end installation and maintenance services for these systems.

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