Humidity Control

Climatic changes impact our lives in a number of ways and we try to manage our schedules around the weather outlook. The one thing we overlook is that changes in weather also tend to affect many things within our homes, ranging from the indoor installations to our health. Humidity in the indoor air impacts us in different ways and it’s not always possible to balance humidity in the manner it should be.

Just as excessive humidity is harmful, less humidity isn’t good either. In case of the former, the indoor air begins to feel warmer and stuffy; this environment is ideal for the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungi and mildew. In case the humidity levels are too low, it can cause dryness of skin and a sore throat; apart from that it can cause warping of wooden flooring, walls and furniture. Ideally, the humidity level should be in the range of 35%- 50%.

If you want to ensure that the indoor environment in your home is free of microbes and that no damage is caused to the wood, it’s important that the humidity levels be maintained in the 45%-50% range.

Why getting humidity control is important

All Aspects Waterproofing is a company that has been operating in this space for over three decades. We are very well-versed with all the different aspects of waterproofing, basement mold remediation and indoor air quality improvement. We can provide you complete advice about the type of whole-home humidity control equipment that can be installed on your premises. These help keep the humidity at the required levels and create a much healthier house; it automatically reduces the incidence of sore throats, itchy skin and dry sinuses.

In addition, it prevents the timber features from warping and cracking. It also helps reduce the incidence of respiratory, bacterial and viral infections. Regardless of what the outdoor weather is, this humidity control equipment will ensure that the humidity levels in your home are correct and this greatly improves the indoor air quality in your home.

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