Epoxy Injections

There are a number of reasons why basement walls crack and these can cause significant damage to your home or commercial structure. The cracks may be caused by:

  • Concrete shrinkage
  • Exterior inward pressure caused by expanding & contracting soil
  • Improper backfilling during the time of construction
  • Incorrectly poured concrete
  • Settlement of the foundation’s footing

Regardless of what has actually caused the cracks to appear in these walls, they are a warning sign of structural danger and shouldn’t be ignored.

Our work approach

If you have noticed any cracks in the foundation walls, call All Aspects Waterproofing without delay. We follow a very methodical approach to the work:

  • We will come over to your home or commercial building and inspect the walls and other features in the basement
  • Our experts will check the visible cracks and look for others that aren’t that evident too. We use Epoxy Injections to repair the cracks that show up on the internal walls of the foundation
  • Once the epoxy fills in the cracks, it cures and hardens – this sort of ‘welds’ the wall together and provides it the reinforcement it needs

Benefits of using Epoxy Injections

Regardless of whether we are treating just a shrinkage crack or a larger structural one, Epoxy Injections are the ideal solution to fix the issue and there are a number of benefits to using it:

  • The treatment can be carried out quickly and easily
  • Its effective and cost-efficient too
  • Ideal for void filling & hole filling
  • Restores the original strength of these concrete surfaces
  • While there are a number of other waterproofing injections in the market, they only help seal the crack from water, but don’t repair it structurally. In comparison Epoxy Injections do all that and more. They create a seal that keeps out water, debris, chemicals, & other contamination
  • No exterior excavation required

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