3 Kinds of Home Foundation

Read on to learn more about the three major types of foundations.

As you probably know, you wouldn’t have the house you love without your foundation. And whether that house is your current or dream home, knowing the type of foundation you have is an important part of understanding how to take care of your house. Overall, there are several different kinds of foundation configurations that boils down to three main categories. Read on to learn more about the three major types of foundations.


A basement is one of the most common kinds of foundations for houses. It is popular because a basement is perhaps the best opportunity to increase the square footage of your property. A basement is made of a hole that can be the size and shape of the footprint of the house above it, and it is at least eight feet deep for the proper ceiling height. The basement is then made up of a base concrete slab, and cinder block walls held up by beams. The basement can be a useful area of your home as long as it is properly waterproofed.  

Concrete Slab

The concrete slab is constructed very similarly to the basement. But once the concrete base is poured and set, the rest of the house will be constructed on top of it. Commonly, concrete slabs will be poured two feet deep at the edges and a foot deep in the middle. Concrete slab foundations are comparatively inexpensive because they are quick and easy to install, while also maintaining durability. They are a good choice for houses in warm, dry climates.


On the other end of the spectrum is a crawlspace, which is elevated to resist water accumulation in a house. With a crawlspace, there are a series of pillars made of a combination of cinderblocks, concrete and rebar or beams, that will elevate the house about two feet from the ground. A pier and beam foundation is a variation that acts similarly to the crawlspace. While a crawlspace is a great choice to help avoid flooding, they need to be maintained and inspected regularly to prevent infestations and mold. 

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