4 Tips For Maintaining Your Home Foundation

Plants and trees can add visual appeal to your home's exterior, but planting them too close to your home can lead to foundation problems.

Plants and trees can add visual appeal to your home’s exterior, but planting them too close to your home can lead to foundation problems.

The foundation of your home is essentially what keeps it strong and together. Without a strong foundation, you could be looking at a lot of problems; A big one being water and moisture getting into your home. You want your foundation to hold up for as long as possible without any issues. Here are four tips for maintaining your home foundation.

Annual Plumbing Checks

You should get your plumbing system checked at least once a year. This ensures that there are no leaks taking place behind the walls and under the floors, which can do some real damage to your home foundation. Not only can faulty plumbing damage the foundation, it can also destroy other parts of your home and add a lot more to your water bills.

Proper Drainage

You want to check your gutter system every so often to make sure that it is working properly and isn’t clogged. Rainwater seeping into your home can be very damaging. This can happen if the soil around your home isn’t properly retaining or ridding or moisture. If the soil is too dry, you should install some rock beds close to your house to allow rainwater to get deeper into the soil. If it’s too wet, this goes back to issues with your gutters and downspouts.

Filling Cracks

Major wall cracks are a sign that your home foundation could already be significantly damaged. however, small cracks aren’t always something to worry about, but should still be fixed immediately. You can fill cracks with epoxy glue or any mix that’s designed for concrete repair. You want to monitor small cracks to make sure they don’t expand.

Plant Location

Surprisingly, the location of your plants and shrubs in your yard can have an effect on your home’s foundation. If your plants are located too close to your home, it can cause damage. The roots of any trees or shrubs can eat into foundation walls. Along with this, the roots are competing with the soil for water, which can dry it out and cause shifting, leading to foundation failure. A general rule of thumb is that if a tree’s branches can reach your home, the roots probably can too.

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