5 Signs You Need Basement Waterproofing

five signs you need basement waterproofing all aspects waterproofing

Here are some signs that your basement needs waterproofing.

The last thing you want to worry about in your home is water damage in the basement. Unfortunately, almost 98% of all homeowners suffer water damage to an area of their home at least once. Water damage is inconvenient and stressful. And it can also lead to hefty expenses, foundation damage, and health issues. Knowing how to spot the early signs of a foundation that needs waterproofing can save you a lot of time and money on cleaning your flooded basement and recovering water damaged possessions. It will also give you enough time to hire waterproofing experts and protect your property from moisture damage on your own time and within your budget. Here are some signs that your basement needs waterproofing.

Strange Smells

The humidity created by appliances takes longer to dissipate in a basement, but it should not be enough to cause an odor. If you notice a lingering musty smell, you may have excessive moisture lurking undetected, and it is creating mold and mildew. 


In many cases, a musty smell is usually associated with a mold infestation, which may have been caused by water seeping into your basement. Mold thrives in dark and damp environments, which is why basements are high-risk areas in homes. Removing the mold is not enough to keep it from coming back. You have to find and eliminate the source of the moisture that is allowing the mold to grow.


If you notice phantom stains on your walls or floors, they could signify a more significant issue. Old or faint watermarks are a common indicator of water seeping through the foundation at least once before, which is a situation that may repeat itself in the future and cause other issues.


Basements are usually home to many metal appliances, tools, and other objects. These metal materials can show signs of water damage over time. If your basement is exposed to lots of water, the high humidity can still cause the metal to rust even if it’s not submerged in liquid. If you suspect your basement feels too damp, you should inspect any metal objects to see if they are rusting.


Insects thrive in cool, moist, dark environments, which makes your basement the perfect breeding ground for many kinds of bugs. Like a mold infestation, you can exterminate the bugs as a short term solution, but it is best to find the source of the water damage to prevent further infestations.

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