6 Signs You May Be Buying a Home with Mold


Worried about buying a home that has mold in it? Look out for these big warning signs.

The process of buying a home can be complicated and full of details. There are many steps that require your attention, including ensuring that the house you’re purchasing is completely healthy and safe. Buying a home with mold damage could be costly to your pockets and dangerous to the health of your family. A mold inspection is important for ensuring that the home is completely safe for you to live in. Here are six signs you may be buying a home with mold.   




When you walk into the home, look for signs of moisture and water damage. Stains on the carpet or ceiling are both indicators that the home has had a leak problem. Mold can grow on the padding underneath the carpet, the carpet itself, and the drywall.

Indoor Humidity



Indoor bodies of water can cause a rise in humidity levels inside the home. A jacuzzi spa or even a large aquarium will create the perfect ingredients for problems to grow. In addition, if there’s a built-in humidifier in the cooling/heating system, humidity will travel throughout the home which could also increase the chances of mold growth.




Refrigerators with built-in ice makers require a water supply directly into the freezer. Those water supply lines can leak often need to be replaced. If the leak reaches the cabinets, walls, or floors, it could result in mold growth.

Bathroom and Laundry Vents



Do the bathroom and laundry vents lead outdoors? If not, the humidity from those vents could leak into the attic, crawl space, or ceiling of the home. That excess moisture will lead to mold growth.

Lot Slope



If the lot of the property slopes toward the home, it means that it has likely experienced some flooding in the basement and foundation. When heavy rains occur and the water leaks into the basement, over time mold will grow.

Roof Overhang or Leaky



A roof overhang that is too short will cause rain water to soak into the exterior walls and masonry. In addition, if the roof is leaky and water seeps into the ceiling, molding will likely be the result.  

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