What Affects Mold Growth

What Affects Mold Growth

Mold growth is a serious issue, but it’s preventable.

Mold growth is a problem for many homeowners, and it can get out of hand very rapidly if the conditions are right. One of the best ways to prevent mold growth is by controlling the factors that encourage mold growth. If you can remove one or two elements that mold loves, you will never have a mold growth problem in your home.


Depending on what type of mold you are trying to prevent, it will have different nutrient needs. Some types of mold grow whenever there is material available with a high amount of sugar or salt content. Other types of mold can survive on just about anything, from the material that your walls are made of to particles in the air in your home.


Temperature is one of the biggest factors that affects mold growth. Most molds like warm areas that are also damp, like the kitchen and the bathroom. Some types of molds that are thermophilic will only grow in hot temperatures and cannot grow in cold areas. That being said, many types of mold can survive at both room temperature and freezing point, so the winter months don’t mean that you are mold free.


Most types of mold favor dark environments that are warm and moist. There are some varieties that actually prefer daylight and others that can thrive in both darkness and light. Light is one of the hardest factors to control with mold, since some areas of your home cannot easily receive light.


Like we mentioned above, moisture is almost always the X-factor that kick-starts mold growth. Every single type of mold requires a certain amount of moisture to start growing. There are very few varieties of mold that can grow with only a small amount of moisture. Overall, mold needs a moderate amount of consistent moisture to grow and thrive. If you can control the moisture levels in your home, you can control and prevent mold growth in your home.

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