Are Pests Attracted to Your Crawl Space?

Are Pests Attracted to Your Crawl Space? all aspects waterproofing

Were you aware that pests such as rodents and insects can get into the house through your crawl space?

Were you aware that pests such as rodents and insects can get into the house through your crawl space? A crawl space can be convenient for accessing pipes and storing unused products. However, it’s also a breeding ground for unwanted inhabitants. If you already have pest problems, you most likely need to contact a pest control company. However, in the future, it’s best to prevent further infestations from happening or reoccurring by treating your crawl space or basement area. Here are some sound solutions to keep pests at bay. 

Encapsulating Your Crawl Space

Insects and rodents appreciate damp areas for nesting. Waterproofing prevents moisture buildup and decreases energy costs. In addition, it inhibits unclean air from entering your home. Bugs in the lower area of your home don’t mean your home is hygienic. It could be an indicator of foundation and moisture issues. Here is a list of bugs that need moisture to thrive and can enter crawl spaces without the proper precautions: 

  • Centipedes
  • Millipedes
  • Sow Bugs
  • Silverfish
  • Firebrats
  • Earwigs
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Cockroaches


Do you notice water leaks in your basement? If so, of course, this could lead to moisture problems. In addition, it could lead to an insect infestation. Termites are a significant risk when mold and moisture accumulate in the lowest part of the home. The presence of termites can lead to foundation issues. Plus, it can also exacerbate mold and mildew problems. The mycotoxins or odors that mold produces attract termites and make wood more delectable. Basement and crawl space waterproofing permanently addresses and removes the water to resolve moisture issues permanently.

The Takeaway

When you prevent costly water damage, you save yourself time and money on pest control services. If you feel “bugged” by bugs inviting themselves into your home, it’s best to resolve the cause of the problem. Bugs are an eyesore. In addition, they cause unwanted damage to homes over time. Fortunately, problems with pests are 100% avoidable thanks to waterproofing companies such as us. Our reliability is undeniable, and homeowners depend on our waterproofing systems because we’re knowledgeable, communicative, and offer the best value. 

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