Are Wall Cracks a Sign of Water Damage?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a wall crack points to a bigger problem.

If you have been living in your home for several years or only recently moved in, you may have started noticing cracks in the walls. And while wall cracks in a house could point to a number of issues, water damage is one of the biggest. Here are some simple guidelines to help you determine when a wall crack is a concern.

Examine Carefully

The size, severity, and even the direction of the wall crack can tell you if there is a bigger problem under the surface. For example, smaller vertical cracks usually aren’t a concern as they likely have developed with the house’s naturally settling over the years. However, pronounced horizontal cracks are almost always an indicator of trouble with the foundation or water damage. When in doubt, it’s better to seek out a professional eye to be safe. Once you’ve determined that the damage is small enough not to pose a threat to your home, you can simply plaster over the cracks.

Look for Leaks

The easiest way to find a connection between wall cracks and water damage is to think about where the water damage would most likely occur. Since water always follows the downward flow of gravity, you might start in the basement and check the area for leaks. Sometimes, water pushing in from outside may form a crack at the base of your wall which allows it to seep into the basement. Make sure to call a professional as soon as possible if you find any cracks in the basement wall or foundation itself. Unlike cracks in the drywall, which are usually cosmetic, any significant crack in your concrete could point to a structural problem.

Other Signs

Water damage seems impossible to detect from a simple wall crack, but fortunately, there are often other clues that something is wrong. Because drywall is so porous, if it absorbs an excess of water you will eventually see a significant change over time. Discoloration, spots and bad odor may indicate mold, while warping and bulging could mean there is a leak putting water behind that portion of the wall.

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