Mold remediation

Do you know the questions you should ask your mold remediation company?

Unfortunately, your mold tests came back and indicated that there were high levels of mold in your home. You know that this is a dangerous problem, but getting rid of it isn’t as easy as looking up a mold remediation company in the phonebook, handing them the keys to your door, and coming back in a couple hours. Take care when hiring a mold remediation company by asking these questions.

Do you have insurance and certification?

These questions are ones that you should ask to almost any company doing work on your home. Make sure that they are certified to do all of the work that they want to complete. Make sure that their insurance is active and that it covers professional liabilities or errors and omissions instead of just general liabilities. Think of professional liability insurance like malpractice insurance that doctors carry in the case that they were improperly trained and you suffered as a result.

How do you remove the mold?

It’s always worth it to ask how mold remediation is done, even if you are intimidated by the process. A good mold remediation company should worry themselves with first finding the source of moisture and stopping it from continuing to enter affected areas. Next, they should remove any and all contaminated materials. Finally, they should thoroughly and professional clean everything within your home that could be carrying spores (so, almost everything!). A mold remediation company that doesn’t clean at the end is setting you up for an immediate additional mold problem when spores and particulates left behind flourish again.

Do you guarantee your work?

Make sure that the mold remediation company you want to hire stands by their work no matter what happens. If they do a poor job and won’t stand by the results, you’ll be out hundreds of dollars and have your mold problem again. Consider getting post-remediation testing done to make sure that the mold is completely gone and make sure that the mold remediation company did their job properly.

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