When Should You Assess Your Water Damage?

man cleaning water damage on his ceiling

Spring is a good time to assess water damage in your home.

With spring cleaning around the corner, homeowners are gearing up to tackle the tasks of cleaning out closets, packing up winter clothes, and yard work to ready their landscapes for summer. One of the most common tasks associated with spring cleaning, however, is addressing any work that needs to be done in the basement — and following the winter months, any possible water damage that may have occurred suddenly becomes very noticeable. The temptation to let that damage fest is always there, especially in the face of shelling out money for potentially expensive home remedies. But water damage can have many long-term effects for you and your home.

Here are a few tips to assess your home’s water damage and a few suggestions to know when proper waterproofing may be in order.

Possible Causes

There are many elements that could be causing water damage throughout your home, and the winter always seems to make them worse. The most common cause are broken fixtures and appliances, almost always aggravated by the cold weather. When snow hits, your home’s exterior becomes particularly vulnerable: snowfall, melting ice, flash floods, and improper drainage systems are all causes of water damage. Those causes can all bring costly damage to your basement if it doesn’t have the proper waterproofing.

Problems Down the Road

Homeowners often learn the hard way that frequent snowfall can be more than just a nuisance: the melting ice associated with chunks of snow drifts against your home’s exterior can quickly become a major factor for potential flooding or water damage. Over time, those pools of moisture can seep into your carpets and floors, can ruin your walls (especially your basement and lower levels), and cause mold issues — all of which can affect your family’s health. During your spring cleaning, be sure to discard any items that were touched by flooding, as mold is almost always imminent in those cases. To be more preventive for next year, you’ll want to consider a better means of waterproofing in those problem areas.

Avoid Water Damage in the Future

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