Is Your Basement Prone to Flooding?

Simply put, every home with a basement needs to be properly waterproofed. But, for some homeowners, the risk of flooding in their basement is more pertinent than for others. While most people don’t consider Maryland as an area especially prone to flooding, it happens more often than you might think. With this in mind, we’ve laid out some of the chief signs that your basement is susceptible to flooding.

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Some homes need basement waterproofing more urgently than others. Here are some signs your basement is susceptible to flooding.

Driveway Slopes Downward

If you live in a densely populated portion of Maryland, you might have a driveway that slopes down toward your home. From a waterproofing perspective, this is a red flag. Concrete doesn’t absorb water well, and asphalt hardly fares better. While such driveways are typically fitted out with amplified drainage capacity to compensate, that might not work in extreme summer rains. You may want to beef up your basement waterproofing system.

Wall Cracks

Wall cracks in your basement can form for a wide variety of reasons. Not all of them result from water damage, not all of them indicate a serious problem. A trained professional will be able to tell you for sure what caused them and what to do about them.

Still, there is one thing you should keep in mind whenever you have wall cracks in your basement: they make it more prone to flooding. As you might suspect, deep cracks provide an easy way for moisture to penetrate into your basement. This is not to mention the fact that the crack could have been caused by an insufficiently waterproofed basement in the first place!


During or just after a heavy rain, take a look around your home. See if you can find any large puddles that might indicate pooling. If these occur close to your home, then your basement is at an increased risk of flooding.

Too many Maryland homeowners shrug aside signs of pooling. But these should concern you when close to your home. There are plenty of potential causes of this issue, from improper grading, to problems with your gutters and downspouts. If you get to the bottom of what causes pooling in the first place, and combine it with basement waterproofing, you can rest easy.

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