Basement Water Damage 101

basement waterproofing

There are many aspects of basement waterproofing to learn before you start a major project.

Summer in Maryland means summer storms. Unfortunately for many homeowners,

summer storms mean summer basement flooding. Even more unfortunately, for

many homeowners summer basement flooding means summer basement water

damage! If you are dealing with the aftermath of basement flooding and basement

water damage, here are our best tips for getting your home back to normal.

Get Rid of the Water

Once you make sure that all electricity is turned off in the flooded area, get rid of the

water that is in your basement. If you don’t have power and don’t have another

method of removing the water, towels and mops can do the trick if it isn’t a large

amount of water. If you have a lot of water in the basement, use a wet/dry vacuum

plugged in far away from the water damage to get the water cleaned up.

Dry the Area

Drying the area is quickly as possible is critical to ensuring the water damage isn’t

severe. Open up windows in the area to allow for some air circulation. If any drywall

was damaged, cut away portions that were touching water. This drywall is damaged,

and will crumble and rot if not properly removed immediately.

Disinfect the Area

Once the area is completely dry, begin the disinfecting process. You will need to use

a powerful disinfectant to thoroughly clean everything in the affected area. If you

are not thorough, dangerous waterborne bacteria can be left behind and lead to

bigger problems for you and your health down the road. Disinfecting the area also

helps to stop mold growth, which is another big health risk in the aftermath of

basement water damage.

Many homeowners believe that they cleaned up a water flood in their basement

without issue, but discover mold years down the road. Call All Aspects

Waterproofing the next time you have a flood to make sure your home is clean and


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