Can Snow Damage Your Basement?

Can Snow Damage Your Basement? all aspects waterproofing

If your basement is not prepared for the weather before winter, you could end up with a leaky basement.

Heavy snowstorms are common in the Maryland area. These frequent storms can leave several feet of snow on the ground for days. When temperatures start to rise, and the snow melts, the excessive amounts of water will have nowhere to go. If your basement is not prepared for the weather before winter, you could end up with a leaky basement. It is essential to remove moisture from your basement before it causes further damage to the foundation. Let’s go over how snow can damage your basement.

Foundation Damage 

Snowmelt is the most common way winter water damage occurs. The constant freezing and thawing cycle of winter will weaken the foundation over time. Moisture freezes and expands, creating cracks, allowing more water to enter your basement. This process repeats continuously, causing gaps in the foundation and weakening its integrity. A weakened foundation can also lead to a cracked pipe, allow air into your basement, and increase the risk of frozen pipes. 

Ice can Damage Roof and Gutters

Hanging icicles are a sign of an ice dam, which is a buildup of ice along the edges of your roof, that can damage your gutters, get underneath your shingles and leak into your house. Ice dams are formed by uneven heat on your roof. When the attic is warm, the heat will melt snow near the middle of the roof. That snow runs down and freezes at the edge. Water expands when it freezes, and it can damage your shingles, cause cracks in your roof, and break off your gutters.

Damaged Floors

Any moisture in your basement can damage hardwood, laminate, carpeted floors, and even concrete flooring in unfinished basements. After the moisture is removed, and the basement is dry, hardwood and laminate flooring will bend and warp. The glues used to bond the floor material together will lose their effectiveness, causing the floor to bubble or tiles to come out.

Sump Pump Damage

It’s a good idea to double-check that your sump pump hose does not have low spots for water to collect. Make sure the water flows away from your home freely. If the water pools and freezes, it will stop the sump from working or even cause permanent damage to the system. Many homeowners tend to neglect their sump pumps because they are in the basement, out of sight. However, the sump pump is one of the most critical steps to protect your pipes from damage due to freezing properly.

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