Choosing a Sump Pump that is Best for Your Home

Here are the main types of sump pump you can choose from and how to find one that will be best suited to your home.

Most of the potential water damage-related problems in your home can be avoided by taking care of your basement. And the best place to start with that is with your sump pump. The job of a sump pump is to carry excess water away from your house, therefore preventing floods. If you don’t have a sump pump or are looking for an upgrade or replacement, then you will have a few choices to consider. Here are the main types of sump pump you can choose from and how to find one that will be best suited to your home.

Primary Sump Pumps

The primary sump pump is the most popular for houses. Primary sump pumps come in two categories, which are the pedestal pump and the submersible pump.  A pedestal pump is positioned halfway into the sump pit. The pedestal pump’s base is submerged while the motor sits above it. On the other hand, the submersible pump is placed underwater within the sump pit. When choosing between them keep in mind that the pedestal pump is best for homes with a small sump pit. 

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

Often, a sump pump is most needed in stormy conditions to protect your home from flooding. However, if a storm cuts out your power, then a traditional sump pump can’t function. That is why a battery backup is highly valuable. Battery backup sump pumps won’t be for daily use, but emergencies. The purpose of the battery backup is to kick on when your primary sump pump loses power so that it can keep running.

Combination Sump Pumps

A combination sump pump is exactly what it sounds like, the combination of a primary and battery backup sump pump. It supplies more power as well as the added benefits of both types of sump pumps. The combination sump pump is ideal for areas that experience heavy rainfall and need to combat frequent flooding.

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