Common Causes of Mold in Your Home

common causes of mold

Mold only becomes a problem when it starts growing inside of your home.

Have you ever wondered how mold can start to grow in your home? Mold can be found both indoors and outdoors. But it only becomes a problem when it starts growing inside. Let’s take a look at some common causes of mold in your home.

Humidity is a Common Cause of Mold

Humidity is one of the major causes of mold indoors. The humidity in the air inside your home can cause mold to grow. There are many different molds that have been known to thrive just on the moisture in the air. But what causes the humidity levels in your home to rise? One of the biggest factors is your home’s physical location. If your home is near the coast or a large body of water, you are more likely to experience a constant humidity inside the home. Evaporation is also another factor. If you leave water standing around your home like in buckets or even wet clothing, the water will begin to evaporate, causing moisture in the air and helping mold to grow. Even household systems like humidifiers and HVAC systems can help mold grow as they introduce moisture into the air.

Poor Ventilation is a Common Cause of Mold

If your home is poorly ventilated, it could be causing mold to grow. Poor ventilation creates pockets of stagnant, moist air around your home and can foster mold growth. As steam and water evaporate into the air, it creates humidity that is normally circulated outside through windows or ventilation system to balance moisture levels. But when your home is poorly ventilated, the air is pent up, feeding the mold.

Leaks are a Common Cause of Mold

Leaks are one of the most common causes of mold around your home. From a leaky pipe to a drippy faucet to a leaking roof, mold can take these leaks and use them to grow. The worst leaks are the ones that go unnoticed for a while, allowing mold to grow and grow, spreading through the area. Roof leaks are also terrible as they can be undetected for months at a time before they are noticed. By then mold has already run rampant through your home and must be remediated.

There are many different causes of mold, but one of the biggest obstacles a homeowner can face when trying to prevent mold is moisture and humidity. For more information on defending your home against mold, call All Aspects Waterproofing today!

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