Common Causes of Flooding in Your Basement

basement floodingOften basement flooding is a worst-case scenario in your home. It causes a big mess and can ruin your floors, drywall, and more. But you can prevent a potential disaster by knowing the warning signs of a flood before it starts. Here are some of the most common causes of flooding that could happen in your basement.

Foundation Insulation

Inadequately installed foundation insulation can be a cause of basement flooding. With bad weather, water accumulation can pool in your basement, and a sewer backup could also flood your basement if you don’t have sufficient insulation. Believe it or not, poor foundation insulation is one of the most common causes of flooding. Always make sure you fix any cracks that you can in your foundation. Or call a professional to inspect your basement and foundation so that your insulation is working properly.

Windows Leaks

If you have a leaky window, then more than a draft could get in. Windows that have weak seals can leak in moisture. The best way to prevent this is by adding caulk around your basement windows. You can also put covers on your window wells to prevent water from collecting from your gutter spouts. At most, you might need to consider having your windows replaced.

Plumbing Issues

Leaking plumbing is another big cause of flooding in your basement. All it takes is a burst pipe or a chronic leak. It’s common for washing machine hose or even a water heater tank to fail and flood in your basement. The best way to prevent and stop this kind of flooding is to have these issues repaired right away.

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