Common Mold Myths Debunked

Common Mold Myths Debunked all aspects waterproofing

If you’re dealing with mold, the first step is to look into professional mold remediation to address the problem.

When it comes to maintaining a building, there are few villains as notorious as mold. Mold isn’t just gross to look at. It also impacts the air you breathe and can cause serious health issues. Over time, mold will affect a building’s structure as well. If you’re dealing with mold, the first step is to look into professional mold remediation to address the problem. However, you may have already seen some of these mold myths, so let’s clear the air and help you navigate your mold remediation process.

“Just Clean the Mold”

It may seem obvious to suggest that cleaning mold until you can’t see it any longer will fix the problem. However, mold remediation must go deeper than that. While visible mold is a problem, removing it will only result in the problem coming back after some time. You must stop whatever caused the mold in the first place, typically a leak or some other issue causing excess moisture, in order to stop the mold from growing back. 

“You Don’t Have ANY Mold”

As much as we want to stop mold via mold remediation, few homes, if any, are entirely free from mold. Experts warn us that mold is just about everywhere because of humidity in our homes. The real challenge is keeping that mold in check such that it doesn’t impact our health, our cleanliness, or our homes.

“You Can’t Manage It”

If you’ve dealt with mold in the past, you may know just how impossible it can feel to handle a situation like that. No matter how much you clean, it still feels like it comes back. That said, you need to solve the moisture problem and fix any cracks or leaks in your home—if you’re unable to take care of it yourself, bring in a professional waterproofing company to help you with your mold remediation. 

“All Molds Are Equal”

There are many different kinds of mold. Some people think the only kind you need to worry about is black mold, but in reality, there are hundreds, even thousands of different molds that can be common in homes. Some people may have an allergic reaction to one kind of mold and not others. Black mold is undoubtedly the most dangerous, but you may notice other types of mold that call for mold remediation too.

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