How To Determine The Severity Of Wall Cracks

Large wall cracks are a sure sign of home foundation problems and can be dangerous if you don't fix them immediately.

Large wall cracks are a sure sign of home foundation problems and can be dangerous if you don’t fix them immediately.

You may easily overlook a small crack in your wall, but it is actually worth looking into. No matter how big or small the crack is, it could be a sign of a home foundation problem. Some cracks, however, you don’t have to worry about as much as others.  Here is how to determine the severity of wall cracks.


This is the most minor category of wall cracks and this is when they are about the size of a hair. The dimensions are typically less than a millimeter in width and these cracks are typically nothing to worry too much about. However, they can be aesthetically unappealing, so simply redecorating is a simple solution.


Once the structure of your home has stopped moving and stabilized, you may notice some slight cracks due to the shifts in structure. These wall cracks are between 1 and 5 millimeters in width and can be fixed by filling the open cracks.


When you notice moderate wall cracks, this is a sign that your home or building may need some work done. These cracks are between 5 and 15 millimeters in width and you should consult a professional if you come across these. These types of cracks will most likely be associated with other problems that will eventually emerge. A professional can pinpoint the reason for the cracks and provide the best solution., whether it be waterproofing your home or fixing things like window sills and doors.


Wall cracks that are up to 25 millimeters wide are a sure indicator that your building needs extensive structural repairs and probably as soon as possible. These cracks can be surrounded by a lot of smaller cracks. You may want to install temporary support until the major repairs are made.

Very Severe

If the wall cracks are any larger than 25 millimeters, your building has sustained some serious structural damage and you could be in danger. Cracks this big typically mean you will need complete rebuilding of the area that is damaged. You want to consult a professional immediately if wall cracks are this big because you are at risk of the walls collapsing.

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