Does Your Basement Need Window Wells?

Window wells

Without any protection, your windows could be causing your basement flooding. Protect your home with window wells.

While window wells are not exactly the sexiest and most exciting aspect of basement finishing, they can be a key part of protecting your basement from water infiltration. Since many people invest a lot of love, fun, and money into their basements, whether it is to create the perfect game room, home theater, or entertaining space, keeping them safe from the ill effects of water damage, mildew, and mold is a top priority for many homeowners. To learn more about basement window wells, and find out if your space could benefit from them, read on.

Do You Need A Window Well For Your Basement?

This depends on the design and construction of your basement. The majority of basements are not meant to have windows at all, so in most cases, a basement window is a purely luxurious extra. On the opposite end of the basement structure spectrum is daylight basements, which have at least one entire side at grade level. This means you can walk straight out of the basement and be on the ground, while the other sides are against earth. On the daylight side of this type of basement, window wells are not necessary as conventional windows will work fine. If your basement is mostly underground, with the exception of the uppermost few feet, you will definitely require a window well with any window installation.

What Is A Window Well?

A window well functions as your opening to the outside world and enables a window to bring in a measure of air and light to your space. In some cases, the wells must be a specific size in order to enable emergency exits. It is important to note that if the earth in your dig out will be prone to and eventually collapse if it is not properly supported. Wells are essentially half-circles or rectangle shields made of galvanized steel or polyethylene that attach to the sides of a house. They support the earth to prevent collapse and block debris and moisture from reaching the basement window and causing damage.  

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