Don’t Miss These Signs of Trouble in Your Home Foundation

Here are some of the signs of problems that could be developing in your foundation.

Because the foundation is an integral part of the house, it is the last place that any homeowner wants to find a problem. By keeping an eye on your foundation, you can spot problems early if you know what to look for. Here are some of the signs of problems that could be developing in your foundation.

Water Damage

If there is any chance that your home suffered water damage, such as a flood, then it might have also impacted your foundation. Not only can water weaken a foundation through erosion but in the winter, it can freeze into the foundation and encourage cracks to form. Water damage causes a number of problems, from a weakened structure to mold growth. Make sure that you check your foundation after any heavy rains to make sure that there isn’t water accumulation.


Most of the time, you can spot a problem in your foundation easily because you just need to look for cracks. Any time there is cracking or crumbling in a foundation, it is a potential structural problem. Of course, there are also exceptions to the rule, and you might not have to panic if you see a crack that is shorter than an inch. However, many homeowners who overlook cracks that could have been fixed for too long end up with much bigger repairs to deal with later. When in doubt, you can fill in the crack yourself or keep an eye on it and contact a professional if you notice the crack growing.

Sagging Interior

Since your foundation holds up the entire rest of your house, there are chances that you could see ramifications of foundation trouble throughout your home. If the walls or ceiling are sagging, then that is most likely a sign of water damage. But your foundation shifting too much could also be the cause of uneven walls and floors. Any time you notice sagging, unevenness, or cracking in your interior, you should always stay on the safe side and have your foundation checked for structural integrity.

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