Easy Ways to Increase Indoor Humidity

Most people who live in our area breathe a sigh of relief when the humidity of the summer months has passed. But dry air poses a few hazards of its own. Maintaining some level of indoor humidity is essential. Most often, people do this with a humidifier. But you don’t need one. Here are some other easy ways you can increase indoor humidity.

Easy Ways to Increase Indoor Humidity

Maintaining some indoor humidity during winter is important. Here are some tips to help you do so—without a humidifier.

What humidity level do I need?

You might be wondering: what humidity level is the best for the inside of my home? During the warmer months, the goal is to keep your humidity level as low as can be. But in winter, you run the opposite risk.

Generally, you’ll know if your humidity level is too low. Your nostrils and lips will dry out. You might also notice condensation forming on the inside of your windows, which can cause considerable water damage or even mold.

But if you want to know for sure if your indoor humidity level is in the golden zone, consider investing in a humidity monitor such as this one. They’re affordable and should last you a long time. Shoot for a humidity level around 35% in cold weather.


Simply adding houseplants—real ones, of course—is one of the easiest ways to increase indoor humidity. They also can be a great be a great benefit to your health because they purify the air. The water you give your house plants is sucked up and diffused throughout your home. In this way, houseplants behave a bit like an electric humidifier.

Hang Your Laundry to Dry Indoors

In much of the world, hanging your laundry to dry is the norm. Some Americans follow this custom with their more fragile clothing items, or because of inconvenient access to a drier. It turns out, maybe more of us should adopt this practice. Not only is hanging your clothes more energy efficient than a machine drier, but it can also help to increase the humidity level indoors.

Leave the Door Open While Showering

Excess humidity in your bathroom can cause mold in the summer. But in the winter, all that humidity could do wonders for your indoor air quality. Next time you take a long, hot shower, instead of opening a window or turning on the fan, try leaving the door open. The steam can have a surprisingly noticeable effect on your humidity level.

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