Four Telling Signs That You Need A French Drain In Your Home

A French drain is an effective tool for your drainage system. This drain helps removes excess water on your property. If you have these issues, you should consider installing a French drain. In particular, a French drain is a pipe put into the ground to collect water from rain. French drains are often used to fix drainage problems. French drains are used to move water off your property to a place where it can’t damage your property. By gaining an understanding of French drains and how they function, you can more easily determine whether or not this form of drainage would be beneficial for your home. Here are four telling signs that you need a French drain.

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These drains can assist you with drainage issues.

Your Basement Constantly Retains Moisture

If there is water in your basement, it is clear that your property has drainage problems. French drains are significant because they do more than drain water from your yard. They can also be used to protect your home. If your basement leaks often, you should install a French drain. It can also keep your foundation from getting worse if water is leaking into your basement already.

You Notice Small Puddles In Your Yard

Having puddles in your yard or near your house can be a big problem. If you have puddles, your soil can’t absorb more water. This is a sign of a drainage problem, which can be fixed by putting in a French drain.

Saturated Landscape

If you walk through your yard and see that the grass is wet and muddy, it could also mean that there are problems with the drainage. Too much water can hurt your grass and make it grow more slowly. A French drain can fix a yard that doesn’t drain very well because of low spots or lousy grading.

There Are Retaining Walls Within Your Surrounding Landscape

If you have a retaining wall or are planning to build one, you should also put in a French drain. Retaining walls stop erosion and give your house support. A French drain will prevent water from flowing back toward your foundation and pooling at the bottom of the wall.

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