The Four Types Of Drainage Systems For Your Home

A gutter and downspout drainage system allows the rain water that hits the roof to drain away from your home.

A gutter and downspout drainage system allows the rain water that hits the roof to drain away from your home.

Proper drainage is so important when it comes to maintaining your home’s foundation. You want to keep as much moisture as possible out of your home. There are four common types of drainage systems and it is important to pick the right one for your home. Here is some more information on the types of drainage systems to help you decide which is best.

Surface Drainage System

If you live on very flat land, a surface drainage system is necessary. Rain accumulation on flat surfaces can cause water pooling, leading to water damage in your home if you do not have the right drainage system. For surface drainage, it is required that someone digs a few ditches, which act as funnels for excess water. They send the water away from your home to prevent any flooding. These drainage systems can be used for walkways and driveways as well.

Subsurface Drainage System

These drainage systems are buried underneath soil. They are made to remove the excess water that builds up in the soil. This not only helps to rid of excess water, but it also helps plants and trees because trapped water can cause them to rot. This system uses pipes that run deep underground as well as a drain. You can use a sump pump to push water through these pipes as well.

Slope Drainage System

Pipes are used for these drainage systems as well, but instead of being installed underground, they are installed on an incline. This makes it so that water will naturally move away from your home since it’s on a downhill slope. These pipes can be made up of concrete, steel, or plastic and are wrapped with a protective layer to keep people from falling into it.  

Downspout and Gutter Systems

A downspout and gutter system may be the most essential drainage system for your home. The downspout is connected to the gutters, which rid of excess water that builds up on your roof. Without this, rainwater will come off of your roof and hit your home and the ground, causing water damage and erosion to your landscaping. It can even lead to basement flooding if too much water builds up.


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