Most newly constructed homes across MD, DC &VA have yards with gentle grading leading away from the houses. This type of grading prevents water from accumulating near the foundation and is a good way to keep the basement dry. A properly-graded yard can significantly reduce moisture and basement flood problems. Even if your yard has been graded well, it can lose this slope for various reasons.

At times, landscaping work impacts the grading on your property. The soil may settle and this can create reverse grading wherein the water gets directed towards your home & foundation. We at All Aspects Waterproofing have worked on a number of grading projects for homeowners across the region. We have seen that alterations and extensions to homes or even installation of new decks on properties can impact the grading on adjacent properties.

Types of grading

Improper grading on your property can result in ponding, flooding and poor surface drainage around the foundation settlement and basement wall. It can also result in basement dampness or other damage to the structure. When we handle grading of a lot, it is done in a very methodical way. There are 2 most common types of grading:

  • Back to front– In this type of grading the high point is the rear lot line. We first create an elevated apron around the house; this allows all the surface drainage to consistently flow towards the back & then to the street that is at the edges of the property. This type of grading is typically used on properties that lie on sloping land.
  • Spilt –In this the house structure becomes the high point; the lot will then be graded in such a way that all the surface drainage flows towards the street and at the back towards the rear lot line. Here, we install a swale & catch-basin system. This is a more common type of grading as most construction in the area now takes place on relatively flat land.

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