Are Gutter Extensions Really Necessary?

Are Gutter Extensions Really Necessary?

Don’t overthink it. Gutter extensions are definitely necessary for proper drainage.

Gutter extensions are a tool that some homeowners see as an unnecessary add-on. In reality, they are an incredibly important part of your yard when it comes to proper water drainage. If your gutter system has frequent difficulties or your yard and basement continue to flood no matter what you do, it might be time to invest in gutter extensions. So, are gutter extensions really necessary for your home?

Limit Water Damage

Gutter extensions help to keep water flowing out and away from your home. If you don’t use gutter extensions or have your gutters pointed in the right direction, all of the water might be running directly into your yard. If your home is located in a municipality that receives a lot of rain, the land around your home isn’t properly graded, or your basement is damp and frequently flooded, gutter extensions are for you.

Gutter Extension 101

What is a gutter extension? They are small attachments placed securely on the end of our current downspout. They work by moving water far away from your foundation so that it cannot seep into your basement. Gutter extensions are a huge help for homeowners that have a problem with frequent basement flooding or a chronic damp smell in their basement. When installing a gutter extension at your home, keep in mind that it should lead water to drain at least three feet or six feet away from your basement. Using a gutter extension helps to prevent the need for waterproofing or a more expensive solution in your basement.

Types of Gutter Extensions

Gutter extensions can be:

  • Flexible: These are designed to bend so that you can move water exactly where it needs to go
  • Roll-out: These will coil up when it isn’t raining and roll out on their own whenever it does rain
  • Flip-up: These gutter extensions have a hinge so that you can flip them up whenever they are not needed.

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