Here Is Why Your Basement Has Puddles Of Water

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Here is why you might have puddles in your basement.

Dealing with a wet basement can be a challenging task. There can be several reasons why you have had puddles of water in your basement. Continue reading to learn more about why there are puddles in your basement.

You Have An Interior Water Leak

Check for leaks when locating the cause of the water in your basement. Showers, sinks, toilets, and faulty pipes are all potential sources of leaks. Always find the start of the water and look for any leaks in that area. Once you locate the source of your leaks, the water in your basement will be gone for good once the leak is fixed.

Ineffective Grading Around Your Landscape

If the ground surrounding your foundation slopes in the wrong direction, water will accumulate and cause damage to your home. Water will eventually enter the basement after gathering against the foundation.

Missing or Defective Gutters and Downspouts

If your gutters and downspouts are missing or broken, rainwater will be directed toward your home’s foundation. Water will eventually accumulate and enter the basement. The remedy is to clean the gutters regularly. Downspout extenders should be installed on all downspouts to keep water at least 4 feet away from your foundation.

Your Home’s Foundation Is Cracked And DamagedĀ 

Water will seep through any foundation fractures. It can sometimes even produce further cracks. Gaps are also caused by a need for more adequately connected joists and poor soil drainage. You should be aware that solutions will differ depending on the reason for the cracks. However, for structural damage, proper footing and connections should be used to seal the gap.

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