Here Is Why Your Basement Is Constantly Retaining Moisture

all aspects water proofing basement moistureOne area of your home is at the most significant risk for moisture accumulation in your basement. Many factors could play a role in your basement constantly retaining moisture. Here are some things that could cause moisture accumulation in your basement.

Window Wells

If your basement contains windows, you almost certainly have window wells on the outside. Window wells are hollow spaces around windows with metal or plastic covers to keep water out. It is critical to ensure that your window wells can block out water because they are a low area in your home and will naturally attract moisture.

Gutters And Drains 

Although your gutters are at the top of your roof, several elements surrounding gutters can affect your basement. To begin, the downspout is in charge of transporting water from the gutters away from your home. If your downspout is placed incorrectly, the water may be directed against your home instead, eventually leading into your basement. In addition, clogged and broken gutters may cause water to pool and overflow in some spots, and a concentration of water against your house will almost certainly result in water collection in your basement.

Leaky Areas

Leaks from within your home could be the root of your problem. Your water pipelines, sump pumps, and equipment, such as water heaters, could all be to blame. It is a good idea to inspect your appliances for leaks regularly. However, if you notice evidence of significant moisture damage, then it’s time to reach out to the team at All Aspects Waterproofing.¬†

Cracks Within Your Walls And Foundation

Look for visible cracks in your basement walls the next time you arrive. Small cracks in the basement wall can be harmless but sometimes signify foundation issues. If you see any significant cracks, it’s a good idea to have them inspected by a professional, but because even little cracks can allow moisture in, it doesn’t hurt to get them sealed before they worsen.

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