How to Fix a Damp Basement

How to Fix a Damp Basement all aspects waterproofing

If you have damp areas in your basement, do not hesitate to address the problem.

Wet or damp basements are a prevalent issue in many homes. The excess moisture can be caused by various factors, from damp soil to poor ventilation. But no matter the cause, a wet basement is a serious health risk to you and your family. If you have damp areas in your basement, do not hesitate to address the problem. Here are some tips for identifying the cause of dampness in your basement and how to eliminate it as quickly as possible.

Rain or Ground Water

The most common reason for water in a basement is groundwater coming into your home. Another culprit is standing groundwater and water that is not being drained away from the house’s subsurface drainage system. Water will seep into the house through cracks and other means if it is not properly drained from the home. If you have gutters, clean them regularly and ensure the downspouts lead away from the building.


Condensation can be caused by cold surface temperatures and increased air humidity. So to reduce it, you must warm up your basement or dry out the air. If your water pipes get cold in the summer, be sure to wrap them with foam insulation to get rid of condensation. Additionally, ensure your dryer is vented to the exterior of the home. Inspect vent pipes for leaks or clogs, which can contribute to unwanted indoor moisture.


If you still do not see signs of dampness in your basement, or you already have a drain system that still feels damp or humid, you should look into the humidity of your basement. For most people, it is recommended to get a dehumidifier to even out the air quality in the basement. However, be careful when purchasing a dehumidifier. Most store-bought dehumidifiers are not designed to operate at under 70°F. Pick an adequately sized dehumidifier designed to run continuously in cool basements or crawlspaces.

Subsurface Water

If you still have water seeping in below grade, you will have to deal with the water inside your home. In this case, solutions can get more complicated and require professional intervention. You can install a french drain, a trench that rests against the inside of a foundation wall. Water spills into this trench and is drained away from the home’s foundation. Another trick is to install a vapor barrier on the basement floor to stop water from coming in.

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