How to Prepare Your Basement for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is in full swing. Even if only the remnants of Hurricane Laura passed over our area, there’s a decent chance that more severe storms will strike before the season is up. If your home has a basement, you ought to consider what you can do to protect it from excess moisture or even flooding. You may not live in a flooding-prone area, but that does not mean extreme weather and the water it brings does not pose a threat to the safety and security of your basement.

Of course, you should protect yourself before you worry about your home. Be sure to prepare for the worst and stock up on supplies. Once that’s settled, make sure your home is prepared too. Please read on for our recommendations to protect your basement this hurricane season.

How to Prepare Your Basement for a Hurricane

Hurricane season is in full swing. Here are our recommendations to protect your basement this hurricane season.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are an invaluable component of any properly waterproofed basement. At its most basic level, a sump pump is a form of pump that removes water from your home, sends it to an area where it cannot cause your home any further problems. Your basement waterproofing system directs any water that may have entered the house into an area known as the sump pit, which is typically the lowest area in the home. Experienced waterproofing professionals at All Aspects Waterproofing will be able to identify the kind of sump pump that is best fitted to your needs, as well as provide hassle-free installation.

Downspout Extensions

Downspout extensions can be another great asset to prevent your basement from flooding from hurricanes or other extreme weather. They are a great supplement to basement waterproofing. On its surface, a downspout extension has a similar effect as a sump pump. They funnel water off of your roof, and far enough away that it will not be an issue. This can do wonders to lessen the aesthetic and structural damage that can be caused by hurricanes. Being proactive today, and having downspout extensions in your stalled can make a world of difference to your health, too.

You can trust the professionals at All Aspects Waterproofing to provide you with the solutions you need to stay safe this hurricane season. It is better to take action now than to let the problem get out of control.

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