How to Prevent Foundation Damage

If you can find, fix and prevent damage to your foundation now then it will benefit your entire house.

No matter what climate you live in, there is always some level of risk to the quality of your foundation. The foundation is perhaps the most important part of your house because it holds everything in place and gives strength and stability to the entire structure. If you can find, fix and prevent damage to your foundation now then it will benefit your entire house.

Warning Signs

Your house’s foundation is located at or beneath your basement. Depending on which type of foundation you have, it is usually made of concrete or cinder blocks reinforced with steel. Because your foundation is usually out of sight, and out of mind, it can be hard to know what signs of damage to look out for. Some of the most common warning signs are cracks and water damage, such as moisture or leaks in your basement. Also, if you notice an unevenness in your house, such as sagging or sloping floor or crooked doors that don’t shut properly, then it could point to something shifting in your foundation.


There are many reasons that your foundation may shift or sustain damage. The ground that it was built on can be a big contributor. If your foundation was built on poorly compacted fill soils or expansive clay, then that will increase uneven settling that puts strain on your foundation. Excess water from leaky plumbing and poor drainage can also contribute. Lastly, there can be environmental factors that cause damage, like tree roots growing into your foundation or extreme weather changes such as flooding and drought.

Next Steps

Once you have pointed out the areas of damage and risk, which should be done through a professional inspection, then you are ready to protect and repair your foundation. A professional will be able to address any cracks, water damage, and other repair needs in your foundation. Waterproofing your basement is one important step in protecting your foundation from damage. You can also change your landscaping by removing plants that are too close to your house and make sure to have your plumbing checked regularly to stop the causes of foundation damage.

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