How to Spot Water Damage Before Purchasing a House

Here are a few common warning signs of water damage to make sure you avoid making a big mistake.

When you are hunting for your future home, there is usually a lot of information to take in about each house you see. It can be hard to make sure that what you see is what you get, and there aren’t underlying problems, such as water damage, beneath the surface. Here are a few common warning signs to look out for to make sure you avoid making a big mistake.


The best way to look for water damage is to look at the basement, where leaks are most likely to start. Because a basement doesn’t get as much air circulation as the rest of the house, it can trap unpleasant odors if there is excess moisture. If the basement smells musty, damp, or like mildew then that means there is probably a significant amount of water damage. As a rule of thumb, a house shouldn’t have strong or noticeable odors, especially if they are concentrated in one area like the bathroom or basement.


Obviously, you should avoid any house that has clear signs of mold. But there are many different signs of mold besides large green or black spots. Soft, discolored areas of the drywall could not only indicate moisture saturation but they could have been partially eaten away by mold. You should always consider mold in a house as a deal breaker. If you buy a house even with a small area of mold, you might find out later that the mold has spread to areas you couldn’t see, like structural framing, or there could be other hidden water damage that will be expensive to resolve.


Mineral deposits, also known as efflorescence, is a chalky substance that is often left behind by outside water. You are most likely to see efflorescence marks on brick or concrete in the exterior of a house or a basement. These mineral deposits indicate a potentially serious concern because it means that there could be cracks in the wall that is allowing water to seep in. A little bit of efflorescence doesn’t mean that you should cross the house off of your list, but you should definitely prepare to have it inspected and properly waterproofed by a professional.

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