How to Tell When You Need Foundation Repair

How to Tell When You Need Foundation Repair all aspects waterproofing

When it comes to your foundation, making sure it is in tip-top shape is critical.

When it comes to your foundation, making sure it is in tip-top shape is critical. In fact, there are many tell-tale signs associated with foundation issues that need to be monitored and should never be ignored. Knowing what those signs are is increasingly important — yet difficult — for many homeowners in the mid-Atlantic region. Ultimately, knowing exactly when it is time to get a professional to come out and examine your property’s foundation is a necessity. Here is a helpful guide to help you begin to pay more attention to the specific tell-tale signs associated with a potential need for foundational repair to your property. 

Experiencing Stuck Doors And Windows

If your home tends to experience doors or windows becoming increasingly stuck, then it might be a sign that there is a problem with your property’s foundation. In fact, when your foundation becomes weaker, it can pull door frames and window frames out of position, which ends up causing them to get stuck. The reality is, this specific issue should absolutely not go ignored. Ultimately, having even just a visibly crooked window could definitely indicate that there is something wrong with your property’s foundation. For the most part, calling an expert can allow you to be confident that you are getting a proper diagnosis of the potential issue with your home — particularly if it has to do with your foundation.

Any Bulging Floors

If you have floors that are bulging out of place, it could signal something wrong with your foundation. In fact, shifting foundation will tend to affect a lot more than just the windows and doors. The reality is, that shifting foundations will usually put a significant amount of pressure on your floors overall — which then results in them bulging out of place. Ultimately, it’s easy to notice bulging hardwood floors, but it can be more difficult to pinpoint with carpeted floors. For the most part, if you are uncertain about whether any bulge in your floor has to do with an issue in your foundation, then contacting the professionals to check things out is always the best route to take — especially when you are unsure. 

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