How Important is a Battery Back-Up System for My Home?

Mold is a side-effect of a damp basement.

A good battery system can help protect your home from flooding and mold.

You would be surprised just how many people use their basement merely for storage. It’s usually a goal for a homeowner to someday remodel their home’s lowest level and create an office, family area, or “man-cave” just for entertaining purposes. More often than not, however, a family’s basement tends to accrue numerous boxes, seasonal items, and unneeded junk that has long been ignored. But among those items are often important family photos, keepsakes, and irreplaceable documents — all of which require the proper protection from basement flooding and damage. Your best bet for year-around additional protection is installing a back-up sump pump system, yet most homeowners overlook their importance. But is it right for you?

Assessing Possible Damage

Usually, the cost of a battery system will intimidate a homeowner who is unaware of its benefits. If you’re unsure of its importance, assessing what you have to lose in the case of a basement emergency is always the best approach to start your decision-making.  First off, you’ll want to consider exactly what function your basement plays in your daily living (furnished versus storage), and — of course — the importance of any machinery that is found there. For example, most traditional homes not only provide a basement for storage, but a furnace and water heater on the lowest level. In the case of flooding, all three components are possible losses to damage.

Seasonal Concerns

As we approach to the warmer months, this is often referred to as “storm season” — the time of year when harsh rainfall and hurricanes are most likely, and with them, power outages. When these occur, we need our sump pump systems the most. This is when owning a battery-system is most valuable. It is primarily a 2-stage system, an electric sump pump that is a deep-cycle marine battery. These units, which can effortlessly be installed in a basement or crawlspace, are attached to an electric charger that keeps them fully charged, providing power to your home in the case of an emergency — when you need it most.

All Aspects Is There For You

The prices of these systems vary based on their capacity. When you call us with your requirement, one of our experts will come over to your location, survey the space where the pump will be installed, understand what your requirement is and provide detailed information about the Battery Back-up Systems that would be best-suited to your needs. We provide end-to-end installation and maintenance services for these systems.

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