Important Information about Window Wells

If you have never heard of a window well, then it is simply an excavated area at your basement window. The materials that encircle the window well are a key part of basement waterproofing. Here are a few things you should know about window wells to see if yours might be due for an upgrade.

How does it Work?

The purpose of a window well is to keep excess water from getting in through your window without blocking the natural light from coming in. Any basement window is more than likely located below the grade of your house. This means that it has gravity working against it by channeling any rain water towards the window itself. Excess moisture can find weak points in your window and create leaks, which is why a window well is supposed to help redirect this water to keep it from pooling at your window.

Parts of a Window Well

When you look at a window well from outside, you will see that the part of the wall with your window is situated in a pit that is usually lined with gravel at the bottom. This space is then surrounded with a collar that does the main job of keeping out moisture. Typical materials for the collar are plastic, galvanized metal, pressure-treated wood, or even brick.

Issues to Address

After a few years, your window wells may become worse for wear and not do their job properly. Some of the warning signs of this include poor drainage that lets the water into the windows. There are a few solutions to bad window wells. Sometimes, they simply need to be unclogged of things like dead leaves. Other times they need to be patched or replaced. In either case, don’t hesitate to ask a professional.

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