Does Your Lawn Have a Drainage Problem

lawn drainage

If this is the view from your backdoor every time it rains, this blog is for you.

Natural landscape can play a large role in your lawn drainage. It will decide how intense the help your lawn needs, its natural capacity for effective drainage, and so much more. The landscaping should also always be designed with water flow in mind, so that water flows away from your home’s foundation rather than soaking into it or pooling beside it or in the lawn itself. If you notice any of these issues, you definitely have some lawn drainage issues. Read on to learn how to fix them.

Soggy Lawn Solutions

-Swale: This type of yard drainage solution is commonly seen in grassy or rock types. A swale is an area of your land that has been scaled to more effectively direct water. These can be made to look like attractive dry creek beds. Even subtle scaling is enough in some cases to direct water away from your home.  

French Drain: This common drainage solution is made of a perforated pipe wrapped in filter fabric and surrounded by gravel. This directs water rather than pushing it out into the street or spreading it through landscaping.

-Bog Area: One effective lawn drainage option is to plant water-loving foliage that will soak up all that extra water and put it to work. These work excellently when storms cause sewers to overflow.

How To Fix Overflowing Downspouts

Downspouts will not do your home any favors if there is no lawn drainage and the water has nowhere to go. They will simply direct your water right next to the foundation of your home, where it can pool and cause damage. You can use a grassy swale or corrugated tubes underground to direct this water.  

Get Grading

If you are not aware of how your home is graded, but notice some of these issues you may need to rethink your lawn drainage. If some parts of your lawn are flooded, but others are perpetually dry regardless of what you do, it is time to have a professional evaluate your lawn drainage.

Ready to Upgrade, Update, or Install To Improve Your Lawn Drainage?

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