Locating the Source of Musty Basement Smells

Locating the Source of Musty Basement Smells all aspects waterproofing

A damp, moldy smell can actually be a sign that there is something harmful or hazardous in your home

As soon as you walk into your home, do you experience a pungent smell? If so, it might be a result of a musty basement. In fact, a damp, moldy smell can actually be a sign that there is something harmful or hazardous in your home. The reality is, water damage can lead to increased problems down the line. Ultimately, knowing where this smell is coming from becomes increasingly important in alleviating it. Here is the best way you can begin to actually pinpoint and locate the source of a musty basement smell and what to do about it.

Understanding Where The Dampness Is Coming From

Finding the source of the dampness becomes increasingly important when you have a musty smell in your home. In fact, lingering dampness is a clear cause of the musty smell. Knowing whether the dampness is coming from inside or outside the home will help dictate the best way to deal with the issue. Ultimately, when you have excess water or moisture coming from outside the house, the best thing you can do is check your roof — which is typically where outdoor water will come through the cracks.

Looking At Your Roof

Examining your roof is key if you notice water coming into your home but can’t seem to pinpoint the exact location of the musty smell or dampness. In fact, if your roof’s shingles have consistently been in bad shape, that’s likely the cause of where your water is coming into your home — from the roof itself. The reality is, understanding whether your roof needs to be repaired can really alleviate that musty smell immediately. Ultimately, if you have clogged gutters on the roof, that could also be harmful towards making sure excess water doesn’t seep through and into your home.

Contacting The Professionals

Now more than ever, getting in touch with a professional is the best way you can easily take proactive steps towards removing and ridding your home of a musty odor. In fact, if you have no idea where the musty odor is coming from, you may want to call in the help of the professionals who can help diagnose the issue and also find ways to remedy the situation effectively and efficiently. 

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