The Main Contributors to Mold Growth

The Main Contributors to Mold Growth

Many of the ingredients needed for mold growth are located in just about every home.

Mold growth is a problem for every homeowner, even if they do a great job keeping their home clean. Many of the ingredients needed for mold growth are located in just about every home. Here is what you need to know about the main contributors to mold growth that might be inside of your home.


Without something to feed on, mold will not be able to grow. Depending on what mold is growing in your home, it might be looking for different types of food. Some molds grow rapidly when there are substrates with a high sugar content available. Others will thrive when there is a high level of salt. If you aren’t sure what type of mold is growing in your bathroom or kitchen, All Aspects Waterproofing can help determine what it is feeding on.


Temperature is another key in mold growth. The vast majority of mold types love warm places, which is another part of why they are so common in bathrooms. Some types of mold need very hot environments, and others can thrive even in cold places. While it’s almost impossible to control the temperature throughout your home every day of the year, it’s important to be conscious of warmer rooms where mold growth might occur.


Most species of mold like dark and damp areas. The sunlight or daylight can stop mold growth. The most common places to find mold growth are often tucked-away corners that get damp but don’t get much light. Keep in mind that bathroom light is not the same as bright daylight!


Moisture is another major contributor to mold growth. Every type of mold needs some degree of moisture to grow, but the amount of moisture that it needs will vary from mold to mold. Some love high amounts of water and can grow in pools, while others need just a small bit of moisture to thrive.

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