How Mold Occurs in the Winter


Don’t let mold growth occur in your house this winter

Winter season is here and it brings a different kind of climate to the northeast area. As we all know, it brings a very cold one. Different temperatures and types of moistures can create mold growth in your home. It is best to know how mold growth can occur in your home during the winter season to take the steps to prevent it from happening. Here’s how mold occurs in the winter.

Humidity Levels

Your HVAC system is so important during this time of extreme weather. We can sometimes get carried away with turning the heat up too high. Doing that is not helpful for mold prevention. Raising the humidity level in your home can raise the risk of mold growth. High levels of humidity will create trapped moisture and warm condensation which are causes of mold growth. Windows are usually closed in the house due to cold weather causing a shortage of ventilation. Hot and steamy showers can also cause high humidity levels in your home. The ideal humidity level for a home is between 35% to 50%. Humidity control can be installed in your home to help with these concerns. Humidity control equipment makes sure that the humidity levels are correct and improves air quality in your home.

Snow and Rainfall

Snow and ice storms create a wet winter season. Mold needs moisture to grow and survive. Cracks in your roof or different areas allow moisture into your home. Wall cracks have a good chance of causing a gradual drainage of water from snow that will eventually melt after a winter storm. The melted snow may drain through the wall cracks which will lead to mold growth.

Take the necessary precautions and contact All Aspects Waterproofing to prevent mold growth in your home this winter.

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