Our EPA Lead-Safe Certification and What It Means

If you’ve taken a look at our homepage recently, you may have noticed a new badge. This reflects the fact that we have acquired EPA Lead-Safe Certification. Today, we’ll explain the hazards of lead contamination, and go into some of the benefits of partnering with a lead-safe waterproofing firm.

Our EPA Lead-Safe Certification and What It Means

All Aspects Waterproofing is EPA Lead-Safe certified! Here’s why you should only partner with lead-safe waterproofing experts.

Why Is Lead Safety So Important?

As recently as 1978, a majority of houses were constructed with lead-based paint and plumbing. Here at All Aspects Waterproofing, one of our biggest priorities is cutting down on the harmful effects of mold. But the truth is that lead can be even more dangerous.

Despite how common lead paint and pipes used to be, they are extremely harmful to your health. Its harmful effects are even more pronounced among children. Here are just a few of the negative consequences you might face as a result of lead poisoning:

  • Fewer blood cells
  • Weaker absorption of calcium leading to weak bones and teeth
  • Kidney damage
  • Severely impaired brain development

As a waterproofing company, it is our priority to ensure that we prevent you from experiencing lead exposure as much as possible as we carry out our work. Contractors play a crucial role in stopping lead exposure when working on pre-1978 homes—especially those that house children.

Safer for You and Our Workers

Safety is our number one concern in all that we do. By hiring in us, you are investing in a home that is safe from the harmful health effects of excess moisture. It’s important that the processes we use to do so do not exasperate the detrimental effects of lead.

Lead safety certification is necessary for any contractors who disturb the paint of a home. Sometimes, we must do so as part of the waterproofing process. But we will be sure that all our actions are in line with lead safety best practices. Lead can accumulate both in the air and the soil outside, so we must follow lead safety protocol no matter where we’re working.

Our EPA lead-safe certification badge verifies that our biggest concern is the safety of our customers and our workers alike. Waterproofing is ultimately an investment in the safety of your home—both its structure and your own health. If you hire All Aspects Waterproofing, you can rest assured that lead won’t have the chance to do its damage.

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