Preparing Your Home for Winter

Preparing Your Home for Winter all aspects waterproofing

Fall may have just started, but it is still the perfect time to start thinking about how you’re going to prepare your home for winter.

Fall may have just started, but it is still the perfect time to start thinking about how you’re going to prepare your home for winter. This is especially true if you have your sights set on any larger-scale pre-winter projects, such as basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and installation of drainage systems. These are a class of projects that many homeowners don’t consider taking on until they absolutely must – but by that time the damage is done. If you could prevent your basement from leaking or flooding and never have to try to deal with water damage after the fact, wouldn’t you want to do that? This is the time to make the improvements that your home needs to keep basements and crawlspaces dry all year long.

Check The Grade

While it is back-to-school season, the grade we’re discussing here is for your yard. If your yard slopes towards your foundation (and thus your basement), that is where the water will go. If you can, consider changing the grade of your land to slope away from your home or installing french drains to catch and divert the water. 

Seal The Walls

On the inside, take the time to patch any foundational cracks and apply a sealant to the walls. Use caulk and a waterproofing primer and paint. 

Clean the Gutters

Back on the outside, make sure that your gutters are clean and clear and that they actually divert the water away from the foundation. Install extensions if the current configuration just dumps all that water in your foundation. 

Install Drainage Systems

Ultimately, if those tips don’t help, you may need just to have the basement professionally waterproofed. This is a relatively simple job. In the long run, it is usually less expensive than fixing water damage in your basement several times and all the foundational issues it can cause.

Winterize Pipes

Finally, don’t forget that the water that could come from the outside isn’t the only potential hazard. When temperatures dip, cold pipes in uninsulated basements or crawlspaces easily freeze and can burst. To prevent this, insulate the areas or at least the pipes themselves. Try to keep the areas as warm as possible with space heaters or by keeping doors and windows securely closed and don’t set the thermostat any lower than 55 degrees, even when you’re away. Finally, consider letting a small trickle of water run through the pipes to keep things moving at all times. 

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