4 Problems Basement Waterproofing Prevents

Too many homeowners put their basements out of mind. Many people relegate it simply to a storage space, or a hang-out spot for their kids. But your basement is incredibly important both to the structural integrity and the safety of your home. Without a healthy basement, you can’t have a healthy home. Here are some problems you might encounter that basement waterproofing can prevent.

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Basement waterproofing can prevent wall cracks, deterioration, and more!

Wall Cracks

If you notice wall cracks in your basement, you should take them seriously. While not all wall cracks are a cause for concern (check out our guide on which ones are serious), you should always get them examined by a professional just in case. Cracks in your walls or floors don’t only provide an opportunity for water to enter your home. They may have been caused by insufficient basement waterproofing to begin with!


Few people realize just how damaging moisture can be. Over time, it can cause quite a bit of deterioration in your home. You may notice such signs as rust on appliances, peeling paint, and staining or discoloration. All of these signs of deterioration should be red flags that your home’s basement waterproofing system could use some extra support.

Musty Smells

Have you ever noticed a musty smell when descending into your basement? Many people shrug this aside, thinking that it’s simply that ‘basement smell.’ In fact, this is a sign that your home needs basement waterproofing.

Property Loss

While our area isn’t as prone to flooding as other portions of the United States, devastating basement floods still occur far too often. This can lead to countless dollars in property loss every year. Even with sufficient flood insurance, this is something that everyone wants to avoid. A thoroughly waterproofed basement will be far more resistant to flooding, and you’ll experience less property loss if the unthinkable occurred.


No homeowner wants to encounter mold. Mold is likely to crop up in areas where there’s a lot of water, such as basements and bathrooms. If it shows up in your basement, this is a red flag that your waterproofing is insufficient. Mold isn’t just unsightly—it poses a serious threat to your health and that of a loved one. Invest in basement waterproofing today and keep mold out of your home.

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