The Real Dangers of Humidity in Your Basement


There are many dangers in letting humidity run rampant throughout your home and basement–what are they?

In Maryland, humidity might not sound like a big deal.  We handle humidity all the time, especially in the summer.  At times, it feels like we’re walking through soup!  You also probably notice a difference in your breathing when seasons change and humidity fluctuates.  Humidity actually affects a lot more than we realize.  When it comes to humidity, it must be controlled–especially in your basement.  There are many dangers in letting humidity run rampant throughout your home and basement–what are they?

Health Problems


Low humidity is common in winter, when many people tend to use humidifiers while they sleep.  This is because, without that moisture in the air, it’s much harder for your throat and mouth to stay hydrated naturally.  This leads to a dry or sore throat, coughing, or even wheezing.  In general, low humidity is uncomfortable.  Air that is too humid can also make you feel stuffy, overwhelmed, and heavy, which can also cause breathing problems.  This is why your humidity levels need to stay around 35-50%.




With more moisture in the air, it makes dark places like your basement much more prone to mold growth.  Mold, fungi, bacteria, and mildew are all huge problems that result from high humidity.  It’s difficult to keep the rate of humidity in your basement down on your own.  Because it’s underground, the area is usually cool and dark.  Your basement will also gather moisture, due to the lack of sunlight and appliances like your sump pump.  Exposed pipes also cause issues with humidity, and can rust if the moisture in the air is not under control.


Damage to the Walls and Wood


It’s easy for mold and moisture to set in, destroying your walls and warping any wood.  Running into problems related to this is common in a humid basement.  Moisture and water damage can easily come from the air, completely destroying fundamental parts of your basement’s structure.  The only way to fully control humidity is to invest in professional humidity control.  Professionals are equipped with the right materials and the most experience.  With this kind of professional fix, the air quality in your home will greatly increase, and you’ll live a happier and healthier lifestyle.


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