Is Residential Grading an Option for Me?

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Complete home waterproofing includes such necessities as good gutters and residential grading.

Now that springtime is upon us and the floods that supposedly lead to May flowers are here, it’s time to think about drainage. If your yard has so many puddles of water you feel like you don’t need to open up the pool, drainage is a major issue! Many residents benefit from a professional grading of their yard. So, is residential grading an option for your residential property?

What is Grading?

Unlike what you get in the classroom, residential grading is done to ensure that water moves away from the foundation of your home, down through your property, and into a storm drain system. The right grading should leave your yard without any pools or puddles of water year-round, whether it’s melting snow or torrential rains you’re dealing with. A residential grading plan incorporates landscaping choices and the elevation of your site to ensure optimal drainage.

How Can I Tell My Grading Isn’t Correct?

Improper grading can be identified by looking at your yard. After a big storm, see if there is any water pooling around the base of your foundation. Over time, water pooled near your foundation can lead to cracks in the foundation, major structural damage, and soil erosion—all three of which are costly to fix. You also might have a grading issue on your hands if your neighbors have erosion problems that are caused by your home, at a higher elevation, draining right into their yards.

How Can I Fix My Drainage Problem?

The right grading plan will totally transform your yard’s drainage. Grading should be done during a dry part of the season so that erosion won’t occur during the construction process. Soil that is taken from certain spots of your yard to encourage water to flow down can be placed at higher points of your yard to get the water flowing in the right direction and save some extra costs.

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