Signs of Home Foundation Problems

You want to check your home every so often to ensure that there are no foundation problems.

You want to check your home every so often to ensure that there are no foundation problems.

Problems with your home foundation can mean costly repairs, a lot of stress, and additional structural repairs to the rest of your home. If you identify home foundation problems before they become worse, you can save yourself money and stress. Here are some of the most common signs of home foundation problems.

Look Around the House

Over time, new houses will settle. That means that they will start to naturally shift as the foundation and ground beneath them also settles. However, there are some signs that problems with your home foundation are fairly serious:

  • Doors that fail to lock or close properly
  • Cracks begin to appear in walls, like the wall portions above your windows, above doorways, and at the seam between the wall and the ceiling
  • Cracking in ceramic tile on concrete subflooring
  • Windows that are sticking or having trouble closing

While some of the above can have other origins, they can also be signs of a problem with your home’s foundation.

Take a Walk

If there aren’t any noticeable problems on the inside, that’s a good thing–you probably don’t have severe problems. However, the outside of your home can also indicate the health of your home foundation. The walls of your foundation should look straight in every direction, without any bulging or curving. If there is bulging or curving, it’s a sign that either your foundation has shifted or that the soil beneath it is settling or expanding.

Check the Concrete

Does your house have a poured perimeter foundation? Look closer at the concrete to see if there is any chipping or flaking. If there is, use a screwdriver to prod into the concrete base. If your foundation is in good condition, the concrete should stand strong. However, if your foundation is chipped or broken after prodding it with the screwdriver, it’s a sign that your home foundation is in disrepair. This is very common with older homes built in the early 1900s, and there is no real solution other than giving the home an entirely new foundation.

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