Signs Your Basement has a Moisture Problem

Signs Your Basement has a Moisture Problem all aspects waterproofing

A basement is a wonderful part of a home — but making sure that your basement stays mold and mildew-free is key

There are a few key signs to be aware of to avoid a disastrous moisture problem. Basements tend to attract more excess moisture than any other home area. Additionally, you might want to tackle any excess moisture issue immediately since excess humidity will likely lead to mold and mildew. The reality is, that having a basement is a wonderful part of a home — but making sure that your basement stays mold and mildew-free is key for any homeowner. Ultimately, water issues will lead to costly problems down the line, which is why you always want to immediately tackle any potential water damage issues or leaks in your basement. Here are the clear telltale signs of a moisture problem in your basement.

Having Damp Or Humid Air

When you experience humid air in your basement, you might want to look at the potential of having a water problem. There is usually a bigger problem if you have damp or humid air in the basement. A dank or musty odor might lead you to notice a much larger moisture problem in your basement. Ultimately, a sticky feeling in the air tends to signal a bigger moisture dilemma brewing in your basement.

Blistering Or Staining Wallpaper And Paint

If you have paint or wallpaper in your basement, you may notice the signs of a potential water issue generally. When paint starts to chip or wallpaper begins to blister or stain, you likely have a bigger moisture dilemma. When there is a lot of moisture in the air, then you definitely want to assess the potential of a larger moisture issue in the area itself. Ultimately, problems in your basement are difficult to treat which is why you’ll want to tackle the problem immediately and pay close attention to your wallpaper or paint in the basement itself. Nothing is worse than a basement with a moisture problem since you’ll likely deal with costly repairs down the line.

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