Sources of Moisture Accumulation in Your Basement

It can be frustrating to find signs of water damage in your basement, such as mold and condensation. But before you invest in waterproofing measures, it’s good to know where that water is coming from. There are several clues that you can follow to figure out what is causing water accumulation in your basement.


First, you should look for any signs of cracks in your home, especially in your walls or foundation. Even small cracks can let in moisture over time. Foundation cracks can spread as water freezes and expands in cold water. It is a good idea to have a professional inspection if you’re not sure about the cracks in your home. Some of them can be easily sealed to put and end to your water problems. Even if the cracks aren’t the cause of the moisture entering your basement, it’s better to take care of them now so that they won’t worsen over time.


One of the most important parts of your house that protect it from water is your gutter system. When it rains, gutters are supposed to take the runoff from your roof and channel it from your house in such a way to prevent accumulation and flooding. But if there is something wrong with your gutters, then they won’t do their job properly. Clogged or broken gutters will send water to the wrong places which might make it accumulate at your foundation and eventually get into your basement. Your downspout, which runs from your gutters to take the water away from your house, should run at least a couple feet away from your house. If you notice any problems with your gutters or downspout then you should address these issues first to see if it solves your water.

Window Wells

Your basement or crawlspace might have windows, which is an often overlooked weak spot for letting in excess water. Window wells are supposed to be designed to keep out as much moisture as possible. But often these window wells wear down and get leaks, or even trap water against the window which speeds up the water damage and leaking through the window. When in doubt it is best to ask a professional what you should do.

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