How to Stop Window Condensation

In the winter, you might think that low humidity is all you have to worry about in your home. This would be a mistake. One of the biggest issues with moisture that homeowners face during the winter months is window condensation. If you notice moisture forming on the inside of your windows, you may feel tempted to brush it off. But you shouldn’t. Doing so could encourage the development of mold, which can be seriously harmful to your respiratory health. Here are some ways you can stop window condensation.

How to Stop Window Condensation

If you notice condensation on your home’s windows, you should take it seriously. Here are some ways to combat it.


Let’s start with the most obvious and traditional approach: dehumidifiers. Throughout the dry winter months, many people use humidifiers to prevent chapped lips, dry sinuses, and a host of other issues that come with the territory of low humidity. But if you’re noticing condensation on the inside of your windows, you probably have the opposite problem.

Commercial dehumidifiers are an easy way to take some of the humidity out of the air. They are commonplace in stores and online, and you should have little trouble finding one that fits your aesthetic preferences and budget.

Careful with Houseplants

In our area, the lack of color outside during the winter can take its toll on you. For this reason, many people try to compensate with houseplants. If you have a ton of houseplants are noticing window condensation, you might have gone a little overboard.

Most houseplants won’t be able to handle being placed outside during the winter months. If a dehumidifier doesn’t solve the problem, you may have to say goodbye to a few of your beloved houseplants for the sake of your health. See if you have any friends who’d be willing to take them off your hands.

Tumble Dry Your Clothes

Do you air dry your laundry on a drying rack? This is an excellent, energy-efficient choice for the environment. But it might not be such a good idea if you have too much moisture in the air. Machine drying your clothes instead could help to stop window condensation.

If a dryer isn’t easily available or if you’d prefer to be as green as possible, consider drying your clothes outside. Even in urban settings, you may be able to do this on a balcony. It is the norm to do so in many parts of the world. And yes—your clothes will still dry in cold weather. It will just take more time.

Armed with these tips, you should know all you need to stop window condensation! If you’re still having issues, we’re only a phone call away.

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